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The workplace is the ideal place to prevent injures and illness. When ergonomic and safety protocols meet their physical limitations Health by Numbers' comprehensive safety strategy prevents the negative impact injuries and loss-work days, even death, have on employers. Chronic metabolic diseases like Type 2 Diabetes are at epidemic levels using conventional medicine. Employers absorb heavy health costs that adversely impacts profits and future growth.

IT'S REVERSIBLE! Given Proper Exercises & Nutrients

The Body Rejuvenates & Regenerates * Follow-Up Work-Coaching Ensures Success 

Our Work-Coach Doctor's follow-up is the cornerstone of our effectiveness. Our bilingual/bicultural health professionals frequent on-site walkthroughs and one-on-one consultations identify and correct vulnerabilities early before serious injuries and claims develop, or illness spreads. We improve employee physical, nutritional and psychological workplace safety. In English and Spanish We reinforce that their employer cares about their health. It transfers into improved productivity. Employees are forthcoming with their ailments and more inclined to take advice, as neutral health professionals. We begin with Ergonomic Walkthroughs and offer recommendations using existing equipment. Workers WarmUps a 5-Minute Customized Exercise Series specifically designed for employees' job duties prevents injuries. Therapeutic Interventions help breakdown scar-tissue, joint & muscle adhesions, increase blood flow, and reduce pain; Self-Care Talks aim at reversing disease with clinical nutrition, science based choices. Employees and their families tailor roadmaps toward optimal health without prescriptions drugs with Foundation Health Screenings. They establish a foundation health baseline using a patented metabolic blood & hair analysis integrated into a Report of Findings and roadmap toward optimal health without prescription drugs. As a 21st century wellness provider Health by Numbers' focus is on science based prevention. Our foundation approach to health advances a shift away from a symptom-based standard care dependent on medications for crises management. REDUCE Property Casualty Loss & Employee Benefits Costs - REDUCE Workplace Injuries & Employee Medical Claims - We serve CA & National

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