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$3.4 Million-Private Industry Work Injuries

Reduce Injuries, Medical Claims

& Loss Workdays - 

Improve Employee Health

Reduce Workers Compensation & Health Insurance Costs

Health by Numbers prevents and rehabilitates soft-tissue injuries and corrects metabolic chronic diseases at their foundation without prescription drugs. We reduce workers compensation & benefits claims for employers and help employees fulfill their full potential at work & home. Our work-coach Doctors fill the healthcare gap at the workplace with frequent on-site walkthroughs and one-one-one consultations to intervene early before costly injuries develop. We train, educate and coach employees in customized exercises and individualized clinical nutrition roadmaps. Patented Foundation-Base Screenings are available to help employees monitor their progress and achieve their optimal health. As a 21st Century wellness provider, we focus on science based prevention. Our foundation approach to health advances a shift away from crisis management primary-care that relies on symptoms and is dependent on medications. Our Bilingual health professional services in English and Spanish reach a diverse workforce. Our Cost effective solutions result in significant savings. REDUCE Property Casualty Loss & Employee Benefits Costs & REDUCE Workplace Injuries & Employee Medical Claims

We serve CA & National

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